Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Planning

Working several years with the Town of Speedway involved discussions with representatives of the most famous racetrack in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), regarding potential improvements to their facility. In his role as a consultant with a leading area engineering firm, Mike Koyak effectively communicated the idea of establishing a nationally-recognized motorsports cluster to State of Indiana officials. The cluster would be centered upon the racing and automotive industries for the purpose of attracting public funding and/or private-sector investment to the [...]


Town of Speedway Redevelopment

The Town of Speedway is a tight-knit community of 12,000 residents that just happens to be home to the most famous racing venue in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In his leadership role at a prominent engineering and planning firm, Mike Koyak worked closely with community leaders to develop strategies that would chart the course for the future success of the town. Effectively communicating these strategies to elected officials, public agency representatives, stakeholders and residents was a critical [...]


Lauth Image Brochure

Lauth Development is a commercial real estate development company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. When we first began working with Lauth, they had an established corporate brand identity built around a strong, customer-focused philosophy. Working closely with the company's in-house marketing design team, our task was to help convey that identity to potential customers through the creation of a corporate image brochure. The resulting brochure featured copy written in a confident and experienced voice that reflected both the culture and capabilities [...]


Ron J. West Website

What does a corporate change management expert do when he's ready to change his own career trajectory? For Ron West, the answer was simple. He decided to form his own company, developing and marketing his new brand image with the help of an experienced marketing professional...Margie Koyak of 2communi-K. Margie had already worked with Ron on many projects, from assisting him with internal employee messaging when he was an executive at a leading commercial real estate firm to editing [...]

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The Fuller Center for Housing Strategic Plan

The Fuller Center for Housing is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating poverty housing worldwide. The co-founder of the organization, Millard Fuller, is a founder of Habitat for Humanity. The local affiliate in Central Indiana was founded in 2009. Mike Koyak led the effort to develop a Strategic Plan for the Central Indiana affiliate. The Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board of Directors and is currently in the implementation phase. The Strategic Plan for the Central Indiana affiliate was [...]