The Word Is Out...


“Margie has consistently provided quite excellent writing and editing services. While I was at Lauth Property Group, Margie was engaged to develop a wide range of creative copy for marketing collateral — her products were always of the highest quality.Later, I employed Margie to develop all of the copy for my own website, case studies and biographies. More recently, Margie has been busy editing the chapters of my book. She is a delight to work with and has complete mastery of her chosen craft. But by far and away her most significant gift is to be able to listen to my incoherent ramblings and turn my thoughts into the written word in such a way as to make it sound as if I know what I am talking about. I accept complete responsibility for any errors in this recommendation — I can hardly ask my favorite editor to look it over!”

“Our Redevelopment Commission developed a Master Plan to change the economic decline our Town was experiencing. We selected consultants to advise us on planning strategy, funding strategy, government processes, regulations and communications. As the leader of the consulting team, Mike was involved in almost all aspects of our efforts over the past 10 years and was an important part of our success. Mike was always engaged in communicating with our commission, our consulting team, officials representing the Town of Speedway, City of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, state and federal agencies, attorneys, business owners, and residents. It was critical to our success that we obtain widespread support for our vision in order for us to reshape our community, and Mike worked hard to ensure our vision was communicated effectively. Mike has the ability to communicate complicated technical information in a way that is easily understood and he is great at formulating strategies that position us for success.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Margie on several projects; she’s a talented writer who can get inside my clients mind and their business and create perfect verbiage! She is thorough, efficient, and delightful. I will continue to use her as my ‘first call’ for copy work.”

“Mike Koyak recently prepared a strategic plan for our partner organization in Indianapolis, The Fuller Center for Housing of Central Indiana. The product of his efforts was excellent and we are using it as an example for our other partner organizations. This, then, is to commend Mr. Koyak to others consulting with him.”

“I have worked with Margie on several projects. She has always applied a polished professionalism to articles containing technical information, making the content easy to understand and digest. Through her assistance, the company I work for has been able to reach a large audience of customers with varied technical and educational levels and skills, and has helped them to understand the products we sell and how to use them.”