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Welcome to Logically Inspired, a blog we – 2communi-K owners Margie and Mike Koyak – are launching to help our clients and followers learn more about the ever-changing world of marketing communications from two unique perspectives.

Mike and I formed our communications firm, 2communi-K, because we saw a need in the marketplace for communications planning and copywriting services that could bring creative and technical expertise together. With my extensive experience as an ad agency copywriter and account service professional, and Mike’s background as a civil engineer and manager, we felt that we could provide a unique combination of insights and expertise to our clients.

Our company tagline is Logically Inspired and our blog will be too, with a focus on helping businesses, government entities and nonprofit groups connect to their target audiences in ways that are both strategically sound and creatively compelling. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of copywriting from both a technical and a creative standpoint. We’ll provide tips to help you keep up with new marketing resources and techniques including social media. And we’ll hone in on demographic insights and market trends, particularly those affecting the fields/industries of our clients.

So if you’re interested in getting 2 unique communications perspectives in 1 convenient space, please bookmark our blog and email posts you find interesting to your friends or colleagues. Hope to see you back here soon!

Margie Koyak

What Is Brand Voice?

Clients often ask what we mean when we talk about creating a “voice” for their brand. To give them a better idea of what brand voice sounds like, we’ll often reference examples of different voice styles from our own creative portfolio. That’s when the idea clicks, and we’re off and running with the development of a unique voice they can call their own.

Here’s a handy infographic we created on the topic to share with you:

Brand Voice and How to Find Yours