Technical Content

We Take Tech in Stride

Professional EngineerNearly all products and services have a technical aspect embedded someplace in their development or delivery process. But when it comes to developing effective advertising and marketing materials, these products and services often present a challenge to non-technical professionals. The reality is that marketers, installers and consumers often struggle with understanding technical jargon.

At 2communi-K, Technical Tedious.

One of the key advantages of working with 2communi-K is that we offer in-house engineering expertise which allows us to quickly gain a thorough understanding of your technical or specialized product, service or operation. While many “generalist” marketing and advertising copywriters avoid tackling technical material, we welcome and enjoy this specialty area of writing and planning. Because of our unique blend of creative and engineering expertise, we can provide content that meets all ends of the marketing spectrum from the “how to” or educational focus of pure technical writing to the creative and sales-oriented approach of an advertising copywriter…and everything in between.  In short, 2communi-K can effectively coordinate the technical aspects of what you do with our creative team to develop superior communications materials for your organization.

Our Technical Content Writing Expertise Includes:

  • Specification Writing
  • Engineering Reports
  • Proposals
  • Technical Studies
  • Targeted Information Packets
  • Training Manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • White Papers
  • Catalogs & Brochures